Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who's Ken Block?

well to all car enthusiasts out there, u guys must've known this guy already.
ya know, kenny from the block? lol.

as for me, i myself don't know much about him. all i know is that he's an awesome driver.
a rally driver to be precise.

before he entered the world of rallying, he was the one who co-founded DC shoes. ever heard of ot? the skater shoes company?
if u havent heard of the DC shoes, go get life. i mean its famous ya know. its known all around the world. even my sister knows it.

enuf of skating, back to rallying.

as i said, he's a good rally driver, his machine, a Subaru Impreza STI.
when a great rally driver is coupled with a subaru impreza sti like his, for the lay-men, the results are monstrous.
as for us car-enthusiasts, the results are, well, orgasmic. lol

ok cut the crap. heres a video of Ken Block performin the second gymkhana.

ready, steady, GO!


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