Friday, March 4, 2011


is it just me, a trend or most bloggers tend to at one extent just dont know what to blog about? lack the idea? bored of updating? or just sure enough that no ones gonna read their blog so he/she/we just got fed up updating when no one even gives a flying fuck. oops. sorry for the explicit lingua.

thats just sad huh? knowing that no body cares, but still. yeah. *story of my life* lol

anyways, i just love to write sometimes. as a form of expression. not a hobby definitely, but just what i do when i'm dead bored.

so whats new? whats old? whats goin on?
nothing much really. but very, very, i dunno. ahh can't find the right word now. maybe later i'll find the right word to describe what happened this past few weeks. so bare with me haha

look at me, its 4.12 am, and i can't sleep, still. most trimester breaks i wouldnt even be at home at a time like this. i'd be out, roaming the roads, having fun catching up at mamak stalls, annoying the neighbors with my faithful nightscreamer. i mean its KL guys, u know what i mean. the city of lights, yeah? at a time like this i still hear cars roaming the highway behind my house. but lately i just wanna be home. maybe i'm just tired. of what? i dunno. of what i've been doing all this while maybe. so in return of the tiresome, being home this early still keeps me up.
my heart is tied, at home. heart, home. fishy huh? spooky, i bet even nina wondered what the heck am i doing home this early. well now she knows why hahaha *curses*

i wanna be home. i just wanna be home! it makes me feel safe. it makes me feel warm. it makes me feel cold. it makes me feel happy, or sad, or whatever good, or bad! dear home, please make me feel needed. please make me feel secured of all my insecurities.
please be, not my guest, but my home.

whatever happens here, the good and the bad, the worst and the best, my heart is still tied here.
home sweet, sweet home.

ohh yea the right word i've been lookin for is, beautiful *refer to paragraph 4, second line*

there's no other place i'd rather be than home ;)

cheers march 2011, please be nice.

p/s : i like to keep people wondering. solve this puzzle baby, read between the lines, if u get what i mean :D

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