Friday, May 1, 2009

Codename : MBM

lol. u guys wanna know what MBM stands for?
hell no its a codename lah! its supposed to be a secret ok!
ahahahha joking guys. well eventually u'll know what it stands for.
keep on readin!

so last wednesday, me and the gang was lepaking at kuning waiting for the waiter to pick up our order. it was for dinner offcourse *since our life only begins after 3pm*. We reach, we sat, and we got jammed. we don't know what to eat for crying out loud! then suddenly out of nowhere, kama suggested "let’s eat Muar's mee bandung!". I was like “ohh hell yeah!! Im on baby!”. So we ordered for drinks and saved our stomachs for muar’s mee bandung!!

After the drink, we settled our stuffs and straight away started our journey. Rides that are featured in this journey was faiz’s jazz, and kama’s *damn fast stock only when driven by kama. lol* 850 kancil!

Our journey began at 2145 hours. That’s 9.45pm for u lay-mens. Hahahah.
we used the new highway*with traffic lights* to muar. Ohhmygod the aroma that night was effin’ wonderful! The smell of goat shit whatsoever I don’t give a damn but it’s fresh alright. Companied by metallica, amy search and system of a down, with me as the DJ, we proceeded with our horrifying, dark, and undeniably smelly journey! fuck we were so fired up with our mission, even the dark blue night can’t stop us!!

45 minutes or so after that, we reached our destination. Its muar baby! N mee bandung darling here we come!! We preceded our mission. Its hunting time! Amer straightly directed us to one of the famous restaurants that provides great, delicious, yummy mee bandung! When we reached our destination, we had to park our car a bit far from the shop. Then we walked. We reached our destination,n guess what. The shop’s closed. Fer cryin out loud, its nearly 12am, how’s that good for mee bandung hunting! Nevertheless, we continued our mission. We opened our eyes, we smelt, and there was no mee bandung shop to be found. I was like”mane nye niii, perot dah goyang nk makan mee bandung ni, adoiaii”. After a few rounds in muar town, our flames turned into wind. We gave up.

Lol. We all headed back to Malacca, empty handed, and empty stomached. Ohh how frustrating!! Well I guess this taught us 1 thing, if ur gonna look for mee bandung muar, its ok. But if ur lookin for it after 10pm, that’s a big NO!

Codename MBM – FAIL.

Then tomorrow came*this is last Thursday. No, not yesterday. I mean yeah today is Friday, but this thing dint happen yesterday, it was LAST Thursday. ahh fuck it u know what I mean!*. so LAST Thursday came, and I woke up pretty early*heyy 12pm IS early if ur day starts after 3pm ok!*, me and kama went to our tutor at 2, just to find out that our tutor was changed to Tuesday TWO WEEKS ago*that means THREE WEEKS AGO*. Wow, I asked kama ”how long have we been ‘gone’?” hahahah. Fuck that.

We called up the gang for lunch. Faiz was effin bz SLEEPING, and after waking him up, he insisted on eating the nasi lemak sold in front of MMU, the others were getting ready to head back hometown, and amer had a back pain after last night’s*Im not explainin anymore when is last night ;p* long drive. So it was just me, kama, boy, and eamy.

We were blurred by the sun’s ultraviolet ray, n we don’t know where to eat. Then kama said “jom mee bandung muar!”. I was like “serious aa kama! Aku onn je!”. Eamy was on, and boy was on!

Ohh yeahh it is ON BABY!

This time we were determined to eat mee bandung! No matter what shit, even goat shit if it is in our way, we will force ourselves there! But to be honest, kama’s spitting kancil was getting on my nerve though, but it was hot, with the sun’s uv ray, it dint matter! The air-cond spitted on me and eamy*driver*, all the way to muar! Hahha

We reached our destination, we straight went to the shop amer directed us the night before, and there, at that very shop, we enjoyed our mee bandung. Smiles were on our faces, reminding us of our failure of the 1st trip. Joy, excited, and this feeling of achievement were all around us. Damn right we’re fuckin proud of ourselves!


BUT, though our 1st trip failed, we managed to have fun, and still smile for joy. It is undeniable that the 2nd trip was better because of the achievement, but on our 1st trip, we also had fun. then I remembered a quote that says”life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey” by whom I can’t remember. Yeah that quote made sense. I smiled and thought to myself,”yeah, we definitely had fun guys.”



Ahh good times, good times. =)

muar's bridge. yeah baby! muar here we come!

eamy's laicikang! ssllllluurp!

looks yummy huh? trust me, it is guys. it is. *nyumnyum*

aand the results *buurrrpp* alhamdulillah~

smiles of joy. kenyang beb! hahahha. im stuffed!

BTW, codename MBM stands for Mee Bandung Muar!



  1. x guna punya kawan2 =.=" ,,|,,

  2. lol. like i said, we don't plan, we go by the flow. so pape hal, IKOT JELAH jgn byk bunyi.
    DAN JGN SLALU SGT BLK IPOH/KL. huahahahaha

  3. still remember those dayz...
    ade function bez komfem faiz kene tggl...
    "kama’s spitting kancil"
    i think kama got "cythera" inside his air cond...