Friday, May 1, 2009

Dreams, Dreams! Nightmares?!

question of the day fellas!
what are dreams made of??
ok this dream i mean is not the dream that u dream. ehh i mean it is the dream u dream of. err. hemm how to explain ehh. im talking about the dream ur havin when ur asleep in bed. yeah that dream. mimpi, not impian.
so what are dreams made of?
are dreams true?
are they a sign of anything? good or bad?
evil probably?
well if u ask me, the answer iss....

i dont know.

thats the point im asking lah, becaus i don't know. hell if i know i won't be askin right? im not a lecturer*they know, yet they ask, ohh god whyyyy!? its part of their job lah. lol*

hurmm. well this morning i had this strange dream.
im not gonna tell about this dream. its my dream lah, y should i tell u?
so back to the story, this dream i had, it was real. see the dream isn't the strange part, but the part where it was really happening, now thats something i least expected.

then i started to think about this dream i had earlier this week. a bad one. this thing is freaking the hell out of me! it's been playin on my mind up till now! n by the time ur readin this, i'll probably still be thinkin about that dream!

ohh god please give me strength. i can't live like this. i mean haunted by this dream.

ahh i really do need a psychiatrist.

i can't smile like this.

i need help!

it's killin me!

or am i over-reacting? hahahahahhahaha!
*gambar adalah hiasan semata2.*