Saturday, June 20, 2009


i havent been bloggin for a while so heres a lil brief update on what happened a few weeks ago

holidays? too short. i mean damn short. come on, u call 2 weeks a fucking sem break? yeah rite.
anyways, 1st week of hols, went to guangzhou, china. family vaca. everyone was there except my eldest brother as he's bz workin. but we had fun. loads of walking, loads of shopping, n loads of cam-whoring. lol. 1 week in china. 6 days to be precise. hell lotsa fun. but air asia sucks big time.

meet uncle hussein! hahaha. our tour guide.

this was the subway signs.

yea, well, i don't remember what this was.

clifford mansion. our home-like hotel/apartment/shit i dunno what to call it.

the flag of china?lol. n me ofcourse =) this was at the airport.

nuff off china, back to malaysia.
1 week? not much to do. hung out with yasakk! this guy mnyanggup missed his arabic class in UKM for my sake. thanxx beb! hehe. pooling with this guy, got pawned 2-3 by him in race to 5.

we lol-ed like god knows what when miss-queing after these shots. hahah. great fun.

on thursday, results were out and damn i fucked up. shit i felt so stupid. gave up n never went for supp. fuck that.

ohh yea, to yasak, beb, bile ko nk turun mlake nihh? hahha. this guy is goin to egypt in september for further studies. good luck dude. this might sound a bit gay, but im gonna miss u man. jgn lupe bwk blk minah arab yg chun2 utk aku okehh! hehehe.

n to fixx, shit sorry i missed the bbq dude. we'll do it again some other time aite? danga bay? pd? u name it, i'll join it!

n here i am today misserably bored coupled with this feeling of fucking up.

a bad hair week probably? auwo(*i dunno* in a fucking lazy way of speeking)


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  1. ::i've found you!! duh,stalk adek sendiri, giler tade life::
    kene ke letak picha2 gile ku.
    letak arr picha org yg COMIL sket!