Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When KelHOC meets MeHOC!

date of event - 30/5/09-31/05/09

activity - Convoi, visit Malacca

location - Ayer Keroh, *forgotten name* Hotel, MITC, Naiman, Melaka Mall, dataran pahlawan, and back to the forotten name hotel and lastly Daud at hangtuahmall(Mehocs only.)

attended - over 30 civics from KelHOC*yeap, all of'em were civics. EGs, EKs and FDs to be precise*, and 7 hondas from Mehoc.

event started - 5 pm

event ended - 3 am

picture tells. so heres some for ur viewing pleasure ;)

credits to abg ajak, honam, and nabil who uploaded the photos.



  1. wooo.iwe ada gi jugak ko,,ore sedak honda kelate

  2. abe yg mano satu? maap le. kawe x prasan. pemilik honda kelate rame sgt. hehehee. tp mriah sguhh. tabik2