Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy 21st Ilyasak Helmi @ whiteranger!

this post is especially for u my friend! hehee

so, ilyasak helmi, wujud sejak tahun 1988. skang dah pon 21 tahun hidup. fuhh lamee tuu!

tahniah bro!

n i wish u sweet 21st okeh!

thanx for being a good friend since 2004

we may not know each other for a long time, bt this 5 years or so, uve been a great companion!

hope this lasts forever.

hope u'll reach ur goals.

wish u all the best for egypt.

n all the best in life.

this might sound gay, but i love u man!


esok aku blanje ko mkn kat Q oke! hahahaha

unforgettable moments captured and preserved. hehe