Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Careless whisper

ok this song was originally performed by George Micheal.
n later, Seether made a cover of it. ya know, the metal band?
when love song meets up with its metality*ok i just made this word up so dont go lookin in the dictionary, nerd.*, the song becomes so very cool!
but of course, we have to respect the originals right?
george micheal, he's was great. seether? their's are the cover of greatness.
shit i dunno what that means, but hell, just enjoy the song ok?

George Micheal -

and the cover by

Seether -

hope u guys enjoyed the videos/songs/whatever.

performed by George Micheal and Seether.

p.s.- ITS FUCKIN HOT TONIGHT, bt thank god im still able to enjoy songs like these.


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  1. careless whisper by L`arc-en-ciel.
    cuba dengar. perghh