Friday, July 17, 2009

A weekend with Yasak! part II

after kayak smlm(11julai), kitorg lepak minom2 kat al abrar. a port where great ideas come to life.
y? cuz we talked about kayak there, badminton, gunung ledang, n etc etc. yeap! gunung ledang bebeh!
so it was on! n i was soo excited, i dint even sleep to wake evry one up! lol. n its worth it! except for amer, who overslept n dint even notice our rain of phonecalls. y? because he silenced it. lol smart boy. nevermind tho. so we went without him! so, "us" for "today"(12july) was me, mirul and kakyong, sikenit, sajif, faiz, n yasak!

perjalanan ke gunung ledang started at 8.15 am and took about 40 minutes, without sesat thanx to faiz's and mirul's GPS.

upon arrival, we acted as foreigners, and got ourselves rambutans to feed ourselves. the whole trip was fucking funny weyh. with sajif's self proclaimed flying kancil-thats because his speedo was showing 0 kmh all the way! hahaha

we climbed we climbed and we climbed again, not for the top, but still, not at the bottom, n better yet, not in the middle! hahahaha.
afterall, it...
"Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb"

quoted from the song titled "the climb" performed by miley cyrus.
lol nyempat jek nk quote. hahaha

all the climbing was definitely fun tho it was tiring, but it was worth it when we found the spot we wanted. waterfalls, cold water, in the morning, yeahh, thats basically how we define "cold".

i cant define the word "fun" tho, but hope these pictures will. enjoy~the climb

the arrival

and the swim

aaand the breath control competition? lol

makan makan makan!! breakfast bebb! huhu

mengendap time! haha x senonoh btul

around 12-1 pm, we decided to head back as more ppl came, n it was gettin noisy. plus, we really head a great time dy, and too much fun cud be dangerous, org kate berhenti sblm kenyang kann. ehehe.

on our way back home, we took a break for lunch in muar for meee bandung!! whoahh as i told u in my previous post, muar's mee bandung never failed us.
was the best, still the best, n will be the best of all me bandungs! haha
ok mayb i over exegerated this, but yeahh, mee bandung muar is still in our hearts. hahaha

after mee bandung, we took another break at kopi 434! ppl say its the best coffee in town, n it IS!
the coffee is rich in flavor. but its still coffee! got ice cream, honey, cynamon, and others which i dont recall. many choices of coffee is avaiable there. so come on ppl, if u wanna taste the best coffee shop in town, this is truly the place!
heehhehe smpat promote lg.

bloated, tired, happy times, great fun, friends, convoy, and acomplishment. u noe what i call these combinations?
a weekend to remember!
one word,
oops that was 3 words. hahaha


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  1. bro,there's one coffee named elephant la bro...

    u forgot to mention it...

    me , paiz n sajiv a.k.a. glaster drank the elephant's coffee...

    i felt like an elephant during our journey back to malacca..