Monday, February 15, 2010


latest cravings :

Digital cluster meter Honda Prelude 2nd gen - RM 400(superbly rare!)

Hella square spotlight/foglamp - RM200

Honda Prelude 3rd gen BA5 front bumper - RM200(ade duet pon xgune sbb sgt rare)

Standard shock absorbers - RM300-400(same mcm atas)

Adjustable shocks hi-lo - RM1650-+

n the list goes on~

guess whats my biggest problem ;p

yeap! money! and rarity of course.


the prob with the things i crave for is 1st its expensive, n second, they're rare. i mean fuck me, those fucken digital cluster meter costs 400 bucks yo. just becuz its rare! the newer generations of prelude's digital cluster meter only costs 230 bucks. its the newer generation yet cheaper! fuck.

and the fact about rarity just kills me. halfcut by halfcut, chopshop to chopshops, still no sign of the items i look for. i mean where money still can't buy! sure damn right money can't buy u happiness, i bet because its rare. fuck rarity - they're damn expensive! i mean priceless!


money + rarity = basically-fucked-up

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