Sunday, February 21, 2010

Once u devote 1% to ur beloved, automatically the other 99% will come later on. and when it comes, it'll come hard. it'll try to fail on u, "breaking-up", everything will get rusty. u'll start cursing, getting mad, and at times u feel like givin up. but love made u go further, made u stronger. why? because for 1 fact, she never gives up on u n she'll take u anywhere ;) it's a love-hate relationship.

ohh did i tell u im talkin about my beloved prelude? yeahh. bhooyah!

so i was lookin around for parts for my bebimerah, since like, forever. i did pretty much any lover, or enthusiasts would do for his beloved. join clubs, better connections, halfcuts, chopshops, forums, internet marketplace, lookin around for more n more experience and basically did anything for everything. then just recently, i came across a fella who was sellin a fairly important component for my baby as the original ones were failin. thanx to the forum! huhu.

what it was?well, people say seeing is believing, and that a single picture speaks a thousand words. so i'll please u with some graphical contents ;)
a set of height-adjustable shock absorbers xD

it doesnt look very good, but i can tell you, that it feels perfect-o, n makes bebimerah looks even cooler. after all that's what matters.

I'm happy, she's happy*n bouncing HARD*, everyone's happy! all it takes is a 100% devotion.

cheers! ;))

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