Monday, March 1, 2010


i just found out yesterday that i have another addiction!

so, i was just having another normal day, with my mood slightly off. i was feeling gloomy. unsettled. bt i just ignored the feeling and carried on with my "situation-i-call-life".

as usual, woke up at 2*it was sunday, okey. i mean 2pm is fuken early!*, watched some movies, surf the net till it was 5 or 6 then decided to hang out at abraar. the mood was still the same. talk cock, drank, smoked, talk cock some more, ate some snacks, and still, talk more cocks. yet, i was still feeling gloomy. mayb i was hungry? yeah i thought so too. so we ate. nasi goreng belacan was on the menu, so i went for a try. it was nice, yeah, no belacan taste at all, no chunks of chickens as any other menus, no nothing! bt admire the effort ;)

stuffed. bt yet still gloomy. i was fed up so i thought what was wrong.

i did a list n it went like this :
1)food : check!
2)nicotine sticks : check!
3)a date with bebimerah : check!
4)movies : check!
5)talking cock : check!
6)hearing bullcraps : check!
7)objecting every words kama was sayin : double check!!!

so what was missin? then i hung out with ijan, he was eating chicken tandoori with naan.

then i thought, now i get it!! there was no protein in my food!! ordered tandoori itself, n i ate it, then shouted out loud in my heart, ohh-em-gee! im addicted to protein!

cheers! ;D

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