Monday, March 15, 2010

Destination : Cherating


so this happened last week *8-11032010* during our midterm break
a fundrive/roadtrip to cherating yo! me and the gang of course ;)
the gang for the roadtrip was : me, ash, kama, faiz, amir, ketot, sajiv, and debb.

this trip was planned for like a month or so. mayb less. but yeah, it was PLANNED, and it HAPPENED. lol. something that pretty much contradicts with our way of making things happen. hahaha. usually, we go by the flow. the plan was always : there is no plan xD. and for this trip, its safe for me to say that no plans were harmed during this whole roadtrip.

so we departed from melaka on the 8th march at around 6.30pm. from melaka, we went to tangkak, n used the old way to kuantan, which is what we call 'jalan kampung' or 'jalan dalam'.
owh yea the cars involved in this tripp was of course my bebimerah, amir's fastkelisa, and sajiv's cutekancil. reached kuantan at around 11pm n reached cherating at around 2am. regardless of our tiresome, we looked for the best spot, parked, camped, and barbecued at the beach. what a nite. bloated, and tired, we slept rite after! haha

the next day we went looking for a more decent place to stay, a chalet. Ranting Beach Resort was our choice. the place was ok. it was more like so-so. but the view, superb. i mean it was ohh-so-heaven-like! words cant describe how much fun we had at cherating and the beauty of the beach there, so as usual, enough bull crap, let pictures do the talking ;)
the gang

the view ;D

the rides xD

the beach ^o^

and the bye-bye cherating ;(

thanx amir, kama, faiz, ash, sajiv, debb and ketot for making this trip happen.

an experience to die for? my answer would be this trip ;D

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