Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is not a Love Story

definitely this ain't a love story nor a love song. lol
just another story of my life that i'll blog about once in a while so bare with me if u will.

it has been a long time since i last updated. i kinda like to keep it that way. haha keep some waiting for updates, excited maybe? i dunno. well thank you to those who bared with me and kept on waiting though no "real" updates are blogged. just fancy songs i enjoy listenin haha. thankyou2 ;)

so i developed a new hobby! wowwww. right? hahaha. my hobbies has always been about cars and stuffs. but this time, nahh, its different. its about bettas baby! lol. u know betta fish? "ikan laga"?
hell yeahs baby! i never knew bettas could be this interesting! i mean i've kept gold fishes, kois, tortoises, rabbits, cats, iguanas, chickens, and many more pets, but none of them felt like keeping a betta in the room. this bloody fish got me excited! lol. it changes color according to their moods, it throws bubble nests, and when they widen their fins, omg they're a beaut.
just look at her ;)

next, ever heard the phrase lost some, gain some? well if you haven't, i don't know if the phrase even exist but yea basically the gain will definitely recover the lost. so what have i lost and gained? my dumb-fucked blackberry. sheeshh. i thought bb's are supposed to be durable business handhelds, truth is, i lost mine with a battery failure! board probably got fucked, and the whole thing got screwed up. ahh well, let bygones be bygones they say. but i did get my self a new phone. back to nokia. i adore they're durability. i've had a nokia before, well pretty much all of my previous handhelds were nokias, and they've served me well. never failed on me within 7 months like my BOLD9000 did. so goodbye fucktardedBB, and hello again nokia ;) but nevertheless, i still thank my dad for handin over the bold to me, but yea, it still sucked.

the red nightscreamer. she has been drinkin petrol like a madman. so i sent her back to muar for a carb tweak, tuned it, and voila! she doesn't drink petrol like she used to, she screamed better at high rpms, less backfire, and best part is, bye bye engine knock! and hello top speed! hahaha

so does having a new hobby, new handheld and having my nightscreamer tuned makes me happy. hell yes! ofcourse they do. but what makes me truly happy is having this one special person right beside me. i have loved and lost, learned my lesson, never believed in love anymore, and never trusted. every time i hear the word 'love', i'd be like "bullshit". yea.
until i met this, special, amazing girl.
she's, well i've lost my words, but lets just say, different, in the most beautiful-lest way.
she has the cuteness of a little girl, the strength of a lady and the thoughts of a women.
and i'll call her, baby :)

af - there's no particular reason why, but you take my breath away. i love you <3


p/s : cant wait to see you this thursday darlin!
miss you so damn much!*hugsandkisses*

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