Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hello people! haha so its trimester break and im dead bored, so this is what i do, i write, as usual, when im bored ofcourse. ok lets shut up about that and pro-ceed.

it's magic how every time we realize how time flies, we get that 'wow' factor. its ironic u see. i mean when you're driving from point A to point B in a hurry, it feels so fuckin long. 5 minutes drive is like 5 hours. an hour seems like a year. but when it comes to weeks, months, years, wow. how time flies.

well dealin with time is just like dwelling with the past. its a real pain in the ass. especially when things get hard. yet both time and past gives us something no-other can even offer. so cheers for that ;)

so whats new, whats not, whats up, whats wrong and whats right? haha im startin to love this tagline.
nothing much really, but i really wanna talk, or write, if u will, about how lucky i am. why?
because i'm her's, officially :) she's soo sweet that she even blogged about me. aww i love you sayang. thanks for that okay

i'm no Shakespeare, by my words nor by what i do.
i'm not gonna compare you to the summer's day like he did
no i won't walk a thousand miles for you. and i won't grab the moon for you.
i won't die for you. and certainly i won't catch a grenade for you like bruno mars

that's just illogical, insane and not forgetting, stupid. whatever.

but i'll burn the nights for you, i'll work my ass off for you.
yes i'll be there whenever you need me. i'll catch you when you fall.
i'd cry with you, laugh with you, smile for you and be happy for you.
i'd do whatever i can to be there with you.

no, i certainly won't die for you, because i'd rather live with you.
sorry baby but this picture of you is so damn cute! haha

aisyahfarhanah, if you're reading this *which i know you will* lets make this ever-green okay!
i am truly yours tahu. no one can take me away from you.

je t'aime ma chérie

it means, i love you my darlin

in french


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