Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goodies for your car!

i'm sellin a few items/goodies for ur car.
take a look.
if u are interested, feel free to leave a PM/comment here,
or in any of my social networking spaces.

the first item is a honda 'type R' emblem.
this is the original emblem from the honda ITR DC2
used but in good condition, minor scratches.
price is RM110 - negoif u look closely on the second pic, u'll see a 'honda' word carved.
just to prove the genuinity of this emblem =)

second item is a'S.A.R.D.' adjustable plate holder
new still in packaging.
price is RM80 - nego

and the third item is a skeleton gear knob.
original. chrome. used. minor scratches.
price is SOLD to amer.
kawan2 pnye psl kan. hehehe


  1. tengkorang btol xde jual ke bro? hahaha!

  2. ade saje! hang nak? mai sni aku tolong korekkan! mau x mau? hahahaha