Sunday, April 19, 2009


ohh my god would u take a look at that beaut! just look at her. her body line.
thats what i call art baby.
err, u guys know i'm talkin about the car right?
yea guys, i was talkin about the car.
yep, its the legendary ferrari, the Testarossa.
when i come across something like this, hot babes standing beside a hot ride, my eyes will definitely stick on the ride. i don't give a rat's ass about the girl anymore. friends always get me wrong when theres a situation like this. i always say "man thats fuckin hot!", my friends will say "yea that girl's okey", n i'll be like "i mean the car lah", n they'll be like "owhh yeah yeah that car is hot!" i mean come on guys, theres a lot more to life other than girls. hahaha but don't get me wrong, im not gay! im just like any other guys. i like girls especially cute ones. ahahaha
when i was a kid, i always thought that ferarris are cool. but only one, n i mean ONLY one, cought my heart. n that is the Ferrari Testarossa. when i first saw the testarossa, i thought to myself, this is the car i will be drivin in the next 30 years. i must own it!! n up till now, i still think that way. for me, the testarossa is the best lookin ferrari ever made.
sure the newer models are stronger, faster, has bigger engines, and improved cornering ability. but none of them looks as good as the testarossa.
Enzo? nahh i don't think so. F430 scuderia? hurmm, thats okey. f40?? thats a beaut too but nahh. i prefer the testarossa. what about the 599 fiorano? come on u gotta be kiddin me. the ass looks great but the front end turns me off.
ok enuf talks. howbout u guys judge the car urself, here are some pics of the testarossa for ur viewin plesure.

look at them lines baby *o*

its a 4.9L flat-12, producing 390 horses. n thats alot of power for an 80's car! 0-60 in just 5secs something! thats impressive!

check the airvents. these are actually real airvents, directing air to the radiators. yess, radiators. there's two of em, one each side. so that means two airvents, and two radiators. hell thats sexy!

u'll never get that "WOW!" factor on other ferraris that u would for the testarossa! its a piece of art. n the best thing is, u can drive this art!
ohh testarossa baby, when will we meet?
this car will definitely, n i mean DEFINITELY, be in my garrage one fine day.

there u go, my favorite ferrari.
now why don't u tell me whats ur favorite ferrari.

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