Thursday, October 7, 2010

break, break, BREAK!

izzit just me, or MMU final papers for this sem are just fuckin tough? oh well cant dwell with whats past. so be it, MMU sila bring it on for the results! IDGAF!

so these past few weeks has been really hard, burning the sleepless nights, and restless days, plus its raya eid ul-fitr so it makes things worst. damndamn! but thank god its friday, ehh! i mean its over, hell yeah!
many things have happened this sem. good ones, i will cherish 'em. bad ones, lets hope they fade away. the worst, well sometimes even heroes breakdown and cry, memories are forever like tattoos, they don't fade unless you want 'em to fade, but yea, i'll live. afterall, its not about how we fall, its how we rise up after the fall. all i can say is the world is an imperfect place, its hard, painful and cruel, but it's the only one we have. take down all the cruelties of life, and replace it with cherish-able moments. life is just too short to be thinking about fuck-ups and hiccups of life. screw them, and just live.

highlights of this sem : - *sorted by date*
baby got a new paint job! but i'm gonna send it back to the paintshop during the break because the job was ohh-not-so-cool!
kedah trip : congrats ijan! its a love trip! thanx everyone too! kama, amir, ash, sajiv and debb!
kl trip : congrats amadd! lets call it, ermm, the onit trip?
eid ul-fitr! : crackers, rendangs, and lemangs. whats raya without 'em right? Sukiman's family, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
fly to egypt : yasak, sorry i wasnt there for your take off. I WILL MISS YOU. damn.
karaoke session : thanks sher, ijan, amadd and zatie! ah, fun times, fun times.
to sher and zatie, though we just met, but its always a pleasure to know you ladies :)
tapi next sem dah takde korang. sedih :'( haihh
anyways, wish both of you achieve the best in life.
next time karok lagi ok!

so whats next? heres some list to fill up the blanks :

i see a red door and i want it painted black,
err no, thats a song by rolling stones.

haha fact is, i don't do lists, i just go by the flow, yea, i'm unorganized. a simple minded person indeed, yet complicated in nature, lol.

so happy holidays MMU fellas! see ya next trimester.

lets hope for the best, and cheer for the rest!


p/s : ok i think i got over excited with the colors. lol, sorrysorrysorry!

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