Friday, October 8, 2010

Epic Eid ul-Fitr

okey i just remembered that there's one thing i forgot to update about our raya this year, omg this has to be the most funniest raya ever! afterall, the whole family laughed our asses off each time talkin about this. lol

so it went like this, for this year's raya, we went back to kampung at 1st raya, just as last year's. well this is our first raya with someone new in the family, which is my brother's wife, so this is our first time celebrating with an in-law. okok this is not the main point of my story, i mean yea, congrats to them, i'm happy for both of ya and blahblahblah, the wishes goes on and on.

the story continues, we went back to kl at the third day of raya. we were on our way to kl and my father decided that we should use the new highway connecting seremban to kl which is the Lekas Highway*lekas lah sgt* to avoid traffic jam, so we did. then we stopped at the RnR for a short break, refresh and relax, as the name says. we all got back on our track about half an hour after the stop and continued our journey back kl. we reached kl around 40 minutes at average speed after the stop.

when we reached, mama and babah decided we should stop for a drink near by my house. they both said "jom ngerteh jom ngerteh*which means lets drink in javanese(yeah im javanese, and proud of it. bhooyah!)*" non-stop! so nina*being the driver* went lookin for the suitable place to stop for ngerteh. then thats when it happened. my lil brother's*fawwaz* friend called mama telling her to call fawwaz. my mom was like, "ehh fawwaz bukan kat belakang ke?". she looked at the back of the car, for god's sake, fawwaz was not there! OMG! hahahahahaa. so mama called fawwaz asap just to find out that he was left at the RnR of Lekas highway! hahahahahaha omg i couldn't stop laughin my as off. i mean how could a family member got left somewhere, alone, on RAYA day! this has got to be the most epic, historical raya in our lives! lol

but dont worry, he's safe and sound. parents sprinted back to the RnR and picked him up.

haha everytime i think of it, i couldn't stop laughing, its like i'm on laughing gas. just the thought of it, literally, as i blog, and as we talk about it. hahaha omg i'm soo devious hahahahaha!

moral of the story guys, always do the headcount fullstop. HAHAHAHAHA!

has your raya been this fun? hahaha
thats why i just love being a sukiman's, its cherish-able moments like these that makes us so damn special.
our theme was supposed to be purple, but see? we are funny people. there is a theme, yet, there is none. lol

cheers for the great memories ;)

p/s : i love my family! every single one of 'em. thanks everyone!

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