Thursday, October 14, 2010

The mini-clubman is back baby!

hell yeah! bhooyah! haha
so yea the mini's back in the family after a long internal surgery. hell i've been missin this baby. it was left at the workshop for like 3 months! and now it's back, with new cream-leather interior and, overhauled engine, and new straight-pipe with TRUMPET(5zigen border 304 *replica*for you laymen) lol. the sound is suweeet baby!

bullcrap bulcrap blah blah blah.
here's some eye-orgasm-er*yea i just made that up, so just don't ask. its not in the vocabulary, nerd ;p*
the arrival-in style. except for the messy newspapers lol

retro touch :)

trumpet! sounds great, as expected from the border muffler.

parked side by side with mybaby. same height :)

yea the border exhaust was installed by my father - how'd you like that for middle age crisis-ness? very cool indeed!

cheers for the trumpet!

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