Monday, October 11, 2010


it's kinda cool to just wander around town sometimes ya know. see places. doesn't has to be a beautiful place, really. but yea, places that can clear your mind from something what we all call "life". see what people do, observe. you'll smile on your own seeing funny peoples around you. of course please remember to cover up by lookin at your phone or anything, or else they'll think you're crazy. haha

when you're dead bored, and have nothing to do, when you have no friends available around you, when you are alone, and when your heart aches, it's nice to wander around. just drive, thinking about nothing. no destination, no time limit, no punctuations, no hurry what so ever, just spend a lil bit of your time, observe the society, witness nature happening, the beauty of life, perhaps?

check-in highlights : -
kuala lumpur*town night-run* : check
shah alam : check
klang : check
subang : check
damansara and the likes of it*where ever LDP starts and end* : check
putrajaya : check
cyberjaya : check

but i have to say out of all the places i've been, putrajaya has got to be the best. great view, beautiful architecture, and nature friendly. clean, no pod holes, nice pathways, and so on so forth. definitely a place to pamper yourself with nature and beauty. heck i stayed there for around 2 hours, alone, amazed by the, i dunno, everything? and i even enjoyed the sunset there :)

as usual, for your viewing pleasure -

i don't know what building is that, but its nice. lol

mad props. brilliant architecture coupled with beauty of nature.

almost sunset.

sunset at the famous bridge of putrajaya

and when night falls. crappy bb camera. i should bring a decent camera. haihh

and all i needed was a pack of dunhill, my faithful wallet, the un-rang phone, and my dearly beloved archangel - bebimerah. ohh and of course, shell 97 vpower for a lil, lets say, "go".
never feed your baby with a 95 as it'll damage the heart little by little, just like termites.

next destination? well as i said i dont do plans. one thing for sure, i'll go wherever my baby takes me ;)


p/s : be fast, be safe, but don't be stupid. and buckle up!

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